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ATTENTION MEDICAID PARTICIPANTS: Beginning April 1, 2023, the Family Support Division will be required to restart annual renewals for MO HealthNet (Missouri Medicaid). We will send you important information in the mail, so please make sure to update your mailing address if you have moved. Learn more about annual renewals and what this means for you on our website.

MO HealthNet Programs

MO HealthNet offers healthcare coverage through either a Managed Care health plan (also referred to as MAGI) or the Fee-For-Service Program (referred to as non-MAGI). Which program you get your services through depends on your age and eligibility. If you are not sure which program you have, log in to the FSD Benefit Portal for more information about your coverage.

Managed Care Health Plan

You will get your MO HealthNet coverage through one of the Managed Care Health Plans: Healthy Blue, United Healthcare, or Home State Health if you are a:

  • Parent or caretaker with a child under age 19
  • Child age birth-18
  • Woman age 18-55 with no health insurance
  • Adult age 19-64 with no disabilities
  • Pregnant woman (including your unborn child)

Review the Managed Care Guide for more information about your program. 

A Spanish version of the Managed Care Guide is also available: Su Guía de Managed Care.

Fee for Service Program

You will get your MO HealthNet coverage through the Fee-For-Service Program if you are:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Have a disability
  • Are blind or visually impaired
  • Are a woman under age 65 with breast or cervical cancer

Review the MO HealthNet Fee-For-Service Guide for more information about your program.

A Spanish version of the Fee-For-Service guide is also available: Su guía del programa Pago Por Servicio de MO HealthNet

NOTE: Certain individuals will get their coverage through Show Me Healthy Kids (SMHK). For more information, review the SMHK Guide English | Español.

Can I get a ride to my appointment?

If you have an appointment with your healthcare provider and you need a ride, you may be able to get one through Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. To see if you can get a ride, you will need to contact your Managed Care health plan. If you have MO HealthNet through the Fee-For-Service Program, please call the vendor at 1-866-269-5927. You will need to call at least 3 days before your appointment to arrange a ride (unless you need to go to urgent care or are being discharged from the hospital).

Covered Services

Refer to the chart below for what services are covered based on your type of coverage. Work with your healthcare provider to determine if the service you need is covered. 


Service Managed Care Members Fee-For-Service Participants
24-hour access by phone
Adult Day Health Care ✔ **
Ambulatory Surgical Center
Asthma ✔*
Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorders (including emergency) ✔ **
Birthing Center
Care Management ✔ **
Chiropractic services ✔*
Complementary health & alternative therapy for chronic pain ✔*
Comprehensive Day Rehabilitation (recovery from serious head injury) ✔* ✔ **
Diabetes education & self-management training ✔*
Diabetes Prevention Program ✔*
Dental services ✔* ✔ **
Diabetic supplies & equipment ✔* ✔ **
Doctor's office visits
Durable Medical Equipment ✔*
Emergency room
Family planning services
Habilitative skilled therapy services ✔*
Healthy Children & Youth (HCY) services
Hearing aids & related services ✔* ✔ **
HIV treatment
Home Health Services ✔*
Hospice (last 6 months of life) ✔*