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Date Volume Number Subject Type Program
02/29/2024 New Electronic Visit Verification Resource for Personal Care and Home Health Care Providers Hot Tips Aged & Disabled Waiver, AIDS Waiver, Brain Injury Waiver, Community Support Waiver, Comprehensive Waiver, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), Healthy Children & Youth, Home Health, Independent Living Waiver, Medically Fragile Adult Waiver
02/26/2024 Optimizing Missouri’s Managed Care Plan Benefits for Maternal and Infant Health Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
02/22/2024 Vol. 46-45 Occupational Therapy for Behavioral Health School-Based IEP Services Bulletins School-Based IEP Direct Services Cost Settlement
02/22/2024 Vol. 46-44 Biopsychosocial Treatment of Obesity Bulletin Bulletins Rural Health Clinic
02/20/2024 Hospice Forms and Certification Resource Hot Tips Hospice, Nursing Home
02/20/2024 Vol. 46-41 2024 CDT Bulletin Bulletins Dental
02/20/2024 Vol. 46-42 Rate Update Treatment Foster Care Bulletins Behavioral Health Services
02/20/2024 Vol. 46-43 2024 HCPCs Bulletins All MO HealthNet Providers
02/20/2024 GLP-1 Shortage Hot Tips Physician
02/16/2024 Vol. 46-40 Occupational Therapy for Behavioral Health Conditions Bulletins Behavioral Health Services, Rehabilitation Centers, Therapy
02/01/2024 Multi-Test Laboratory Panels Hot Tips Laboratory
02/01/2024 Telemedicine Billing Resource Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
01/30/2024 Master Plan on Aging – Upcoming Town Halls Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
01/30/2024 Diagnosis Code Requirement on Certain Pharmacy Claims Hot Tips Pharmacy, Physician
01/26/2024 Asthma Inhaler Update Hot Tips Pharmacy, Physician
01/25/2024 Dental Billing and Policy Workshop Hot Tips Dental
01/25/2024 General Provider Resource Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
01/25/2024 Gait Trainers and Accessories Hot Tips Durable Medical Equipment
01/25/2024 Vol. 46-39 Provider 1099 Forms Bulletins All MO HealthNet Providers
01/24/2024 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Survey Hot Tips Dental, Hospice, Hospital, Physician, Rural Health Clinic, Telemedicine
01/22/2024 Retrospective Inpatient Certification Due to Incarceration Hot Tips Hospital
01/18/2024 Group Prenatal Care Webinar Hot Tips Behavioral Health Services, Healthy Children & Youth, Hospital, Nurse Midwife, Physician, Rural Health Clinic
01/16/2024 Vol. 46-38 Pharmacy Program Reimbursement Bulletin 46-38 Bulletins Pharmacy
01/11/2024 Inhalers Update Hot Tips Hospital, Pharmacy
01/08/2024 Vol. 46-36 Serious Mental Illness 1115 Demonstration Waiver Bulletins Behavioral Health Services, Hospital