You may be eligible for Temporary Assistance if you are a Missouri resident and the parent or legal caretaker of a child who is either under age 18, or the child is attending high school (or equivalent) and expected to graduate before age 19. There are certain times you cannot be included in the household, but you can still apply for benefits for other household members. Learn more about Temporary Assistance

To apply for Temporary Assistance benefits, you must first watch the orientation video below. After you watch the video, you will automatically be directed to the application. Before you begin, consider these helpful next steps.

Apply for Temporary Assistance Benefits

  1. To apply for Temporary Assistance, you will watch a video. Before starting this video, you need a paper and pen to take notes. After the video you will automatically be taken to a Temporary Assistance application. If you don’t want to apply for Temporary Assistance, you can close it. If you want to complete the application, you will need your Missouri address and the information below for relatives in your household:
    • Names
    • How you are related
    • Ages of children
    • Social Security numbers
    • Income during the last 30 days
    • Money and property
    • Child care expenses paid
    • Child support or alimony payments made to someone outside your home
  2. If you do not have all of this information with you, you can complete the parts of the application you know and then either save it to your personal computer, or print it and finish filling it out later. Do not save it to a public computer.

    To watch the video and complete the TA application, click on the "TA Orientation & Application" button.
  3. Completed applications can be:
    1. Mailed to:
      Family Support Division
      Attn: TA Application
      615 E 13th St
      Kansas City, MO 64106
    2. Faxed to:
      Attn: TA application
      (816) 889-2622
    3. Dropped off at: the local Family Support Division Resource Center
  4. After your application has been processed, you will receive a letter from the Family Support Division notifying you if you are eligible for assistance. If you are eligible for assistance, you will be issued an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card with your TA benefit or receive a direct deposit to your bank account. You will access your TA benefits through your EBT card at a cash register or an automatic teller machine (ATM).
  5. If you have questions, need more information, or to check the status of your application