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The MO HealthNet Division currently offers comprehensive dental services for children, pregnant women, the blind, and residents of a nursing facility. Coverage for adults is limited and includes dental services and care related to trauma of the mouth, jaw, teeth, or other contiguous sites.

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Date Volume Number Subject Type Program
07/19/2024 New MO HealthNet Provider Resources Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
07/10/2024 46-72 Dental Program Rate Increase 7/2024 Bulletins Dental
07/08/2024 Home Health Provider Notice Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
07/01/2024 2024-2 Provider Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2024 Newsletters All MO HealthNet Providers
06/21/2024 Missouri’s Master Plan on Aging Survey Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
06/18/2024 MO HealthNet Community Connection Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
06/10/2024 46-65 Dental Program Bulletins Dental
06/03/2024 Dental in ASC Webinar Hot Tips Dental
05/28/2024 Optimizing MO's Managed Care Plan Benefits for Maternal & Infant Health – June 27 Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
05/17/2024 46-60 REVISED Dental Program Bulletins Dental
05/10/2024 PACE Benefit Table Hot Tips Dental
04/30/2024 MO Medicaid Audit & Compliance New Toll-Free Number Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
04/25/2024 Claims Processing Schedule for Fiscal Year 2025 Hot Tips All MO HealthNet Providers
04/19/2024 46-53 Update to Medicare Crossover Claims Bulletins All MO HealthNet Providers
04/12/2024 46-50 SDF Expanded Coverage 2024 Bulletin Bulletins Dental