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 If you need translation services, call 1-855-373-4636 and ask for a translator. Call TTY/TDD 1-800-735-2966/1-800-735-2466 for American Sign Language.

REMINDER: Certain SNAP participants must send proof of work or training hours to FSD, so they can keep their benefit. The Family Support Division sent letters to participants in May, with more information. For more information, review our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is SNAP?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) offers a monthly benefit to help you buy food and food products, such as seeds and plants to grow food. This monthly benefit is loaded to an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card and cannot be withdrawn as cash. Your monthly benefit amount will depend on your income and the size of your household.

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for SNAP if you:

  • Live in Missouri
  • Have (or agree to apply for) a Social Security Number for all members of your household
  • Do not make more than the current income limit
  • Do not own more than $2,750 in resources ($4,250 if at least one member of your household is over the age of 60 or disabled)
    • Resources do not include your home, vehicle(s), life insurance, burial plots or prepaid burials, personal property that does not bring in an income, savings and pension plans, Indian and Alaskan Native payments, or any resources you do not have access to

NOTE: If any member of your household was convicted after August 22, 1996 of a felony or any crime related to illegal possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance, or is a fleeing felon and is in violation of a condition of their probation or parole, they may not be able to get SNAP benefits for themselves.

How do I apply?

Complete these three simple steps to apply for SNAP:




Submit Application

You can submit your completed form(s) in one of these ways:

  • Online:
  • Mail: Family Support Division
              P.O. Box 2700
              Jefferson City, MO 65102
  • Fax: 573-526-9400



  • If required, we will call you to complete an interview after we get your application
  • If you miss this call, you can visit your local resource center or call us back at 855-823-4908 to complete your interview
  • For more information about how to complete your interview, review the SNAP FAQs

When will I know if I'm approved?

You will typically know if you are approved for SNAP within 30 days. The Family Support Division will process your application and any supporting documentation as soon as they receive it. This can take up to 10 days. Once your application is processed, you will get a letter that lets you know if you are eligible for SNAP benefits or not.

In some emergency cases, you can get SNAP benefits in seven days or less. You will need to complete Section 2 of your SNAP application to see if you are eligible. You can also tell the Family Support Division if these questions apply to you when you submit your application.

Other ways to get help

If you are not eligible for SNAP, there are other ways you can get help with food: