Medicaid Annual Renewals

Renewing Your MO HealthNet Coverage


The Family Support Division (FSD) is required to check the eligibility of all MO HealthNet (Missouri Medicaid) participants each year. This is called an annual renewal. Your annual renewal will be due during your anniversary month, or the month when your coverage first began. You can find out when your annual renewal is due by logging into the FSD Benefit Portal.

Here is what you need to do to make sure you do not risk losing your coverage:

1. Update Your Address

Update Your Address

When you are due for your annual renewal, FSD will send you a letter in the mail. The Annual Renewal Timeline may help you know when to expect this information. If FSD has enough information to check your eligibility, your letter will say that your coverage is renewed and there is nothing else you need to do. If FSD needs more information, you will get a form that you will be required to return.

If your address has changed, you will need to update your contact information to make sure you get this important information. You can do this anytime by reporting a change online, visiting your local FSD Resource Center, or by calling 855-373-4636.

2. Create an Account

Create an Account

We recommend you create an account in the FSD Benefit Portal to get important updates about your annual renewal. Once you create an account and login, you will be able to find when your annual renewal is due. When your annual renewal is due, you will also be able to complete & submit your annual renewal form online. (NOTE: You will only see a form if your annual renewal is due and FSD needs more information from you).

To create an account, simply visit the FSD Benefit Portal and follow the prompts. If you have questions, this step-by-step video tutorial may be helpful.

3. Complete Your Annual Renewal

Complete Your Annual Renewal

If FSD needs more information to see if you still qualify for healthcare coverage through MO HealthNet, you will get a form in the mail and loaded to your FSD Benefit Portal. You will need to complete, sign, and submit this form by the deadline in your letter so you do not risk losing your healthcare coverage. Here are all of the ways you can submit your annual renewal:

  • ONLINE: Create an account for the FSD Benefit Portal to see when your renewal is due and, once it is available, complete and submit your form online. You can also upload a copy of your completed and signed annual renewal form to FSD.
  • BY PHONE: Call 855-373-4636 and select option 4 to complete your annual renewal by phone.
  • BY MAIL: Return your completed and signed yellow form to the address shown on the letter.
  • IN PERSON: Visit your local FSD Resource Center to return your annual renewal or to get help with completing your form.

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