MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women and Newborns

Pregnant Woman

This is the state’s MO HealthNet program for pregnant women and newborns. This program provides healthcare coverage, including sixty-day postpartum coverage, for pregnant women whose family income does not exceed 196% of the federal poverty level for their household size. Once eligible, the coverage continues through the postpartum period despite subsequent increases in income.

Children born to a woman eligible for and receiving MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women or other MO HealthNet health care coverage on the date of the infant's birth continue to be eligible for MO HealthNet coverage throughout the first year of life as long as the child maintains Missouri residence.

If you’ve already enrolled, go to MO ​HealthNet for assistance using your benefits or finding a doctor.


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How do I get help?

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After your application has been processed, you will receive a letter from the Family Support Division. If you are eligible for services, you will be issued a “MO HealthNet Identification Card,” and explanation of the medical services available to you. For information regarding medical coverage included with MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women and Newborns, see Medical Services - MO HealthNet for Families, Kids, Pregnant Women and Newborns.

There is no cash grant with this program.

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Who is eligible?

A woman:

  • who is pregnant;
  • who applies for a social security number for herself;
  • who lives in Missouri;
  • who is a United States citizen or an eligible qualified non-citizen; and
  • whose MAGI family income for household size (including the unborn child/ren) does not exceed 196% of the federal poverty level.

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