Missouri Work Assistance Program

What is the Missouri Work Assistance Program?

Temporary Assistance (TA) recipients are required to immediately participate in employment and training activities once they are approved to receive benefits. Your TA benefits will be cut in half and then stopped if you do not participate in work activities. The Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program helps TA recipients become ready for a job, get real work experience, find employment, and keep a job. MWA services are provided through a partnership with the Family Support Division (FSD) and local community agencies in the state.

Who must participate in MWA?

TA recipients age 18 or older and teen parents under 18 are required* to participate in the MWA program. The MWA program will complete an Individual Employment Plan (IEP), which is your personalized roadmap to help you earn money to become more independent.

*This provision is subject to good cause exemptions on a limited basis.

How does MWA help me?

MWA can help you:

  • Get job and skill training
  • Get work experience
  • Buy clothing/shoes required for a job
  • Buy tools you need on a job
  • Get car repairs to keep a job
  • Pay child care registration fees, etc.
  • Learn what you need to do for the job
  • Decide on your goals
  • Learn how to interview
  • Create your own resume
  • Become employed
  • Keep a job once you get it

How do I get help?

To see what MWA services are available to you, contact your local MWA office.