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Checklists for Trusts

The checklists linked on this web page are designed to help attorneys and other people check the trusts they are submitting so the Family Support Division (FSD) can determine eligibility for MO HealthNet and other benefits and services. If your trust meets the requirements for its checklist below it may allow the FSD to exclude your resources or income from the eligibility determination. However, trusts are only one factor in the eligibility determination process.

  • This information is meant to: Help make sure the draft or existing trust language meets the requirements that FSD staff will be looking for when you submit them for approval.
  • This information is not meant to: Give instructions on how to write a trust, and it should not be regarded as legal advice. Trusts are complicated legal documents that have many legal requirements and restrictions that are not addressed here.

NOTE: Nothing on this page is meant to give legal advice. The information, including quotes and statements of past-approved language, may change any time there are changes in interpretations of the Social Security Program Operations Manual System (POMS), federal and/or state law, other legal precedent, or particular provisions that are unique to the trust being submitted.

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