Home and Community Based Programs

Some persons who otherwise would be forced to live in nursing homes may be able to stay in their own homes if provided with homemaker chore or respite care services. MO HealthNet eligibility rules help to make such Home and Community-based (HCB) services available to persons who meet certain eligibility requirements.

The services themselves are authorized through the State Department of Health and Senior Services. Senior Services staff must first determine need for care and the availability of services. For MO HealthNet coverage of the cost of HCB services, the person should then contact the Family Support Division. If the person is approved for MO HealthNet coverage of HCB services, the person will also receive the coverage as listed under "MO HealthNet Services-MO HealthNet". HCB MO HealthNet coverage does not have any direct cash benefits.

For more information, please refer to "Home and Community Services" as published at the Department of Health and Senior Services' Web site.

Who Is Eligible?

Any person who:

Contact should be made with the local Senior Services' office for more information, for assistance in getting HCB services, or for starting the process for MO HealthNet coverage for HCB services.