Adult Supplemental Payments

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to provide assistance to the aged, blind and disabled replaced the state programs of old age assistance, aid to the blind, and permanent and total disability in 1974. In conjunction with the SSI program, states are required to make Supplemental Payments (SSI-SP) to those persons who would receive less total income than they were receiving in December 1973 from any of the three former programs. This figure is the "eligible income level". Any claimant converted to SSI-SP or SP-only remains eligible for medical care and continues to receive a MO HealthNet identification card.

Who Is Eligible?

Unlike other assistance programs, application cannot be made for Adult Supplemental Payments (SSI-SP or SP-Only). Only those persons who were receiving old age assistance, permanent and total disability, or aid to the blind benefits from the state of Missouri in December 1973 and who were eligible to receive a cash supplement are eligible for Missouri supplemental payments.

Supplemental Security Income-Supplemental Payment (SSI-SP) Recipients: Persons who are classified as recipients of SSI-SP are those persons who are eligible for SSI and whose SSI payments plus earned and unearned income are less than their total cash income for December 1973 at the time of conversion. A Missouri supplemental payment is made to these clients in order to maintain the "eligible income level".

Missouri Supplemental Payment-Only (SP-Only) Recipients: Persons who are classified as recipients of SP-Only are those persons who are not eligible for an SSI payment because their income exceeds the SSI maximum payment but is not sufficient to meet their December 1973 "eligible income level". A Missouri supplemental payment is made to maintain that "eligible income level".

For information regarding medical coverage included with adult supplemental payments, see MO HealthNet Services-MO HealthNet.